Friday, August 19, 2011

Taste of SL Week 60 - Freestylin!

Hey Everyone, we've got a great list AGAIN for you this week as our designers once again, have the opportunity to showcase whatever their hearts desire..

This weeks featured designer? Toxxic Rhiannyr of Alter Ego! Here's a little more about her and be sure to wear that TOSL Group tag to get your group gift at Alter Ego!

"Greetings, my name is Toxxic Rhiannyr, I own a store in world called AlterEgo. I specialize in designing apparel for women thats edgy, urban, modern, & sexy. Keyword "sexy", at AlterEgo our clothing is meant to turn heads & cross-hairs when you flaunt it by.

Large portion of the items are geared to be club wear, but I do tone it down sometimes, I'd say its a good blend of fashion all around. AlterEgo was started back in Feb of this year, and grew rapidly over the past few months. I run a ferocious promotional scheme, with help from my RL career as a graphic designer. One
thing you will find when shopping at AlterEgo is that I am always in the store, speaking to customers, answering questions, accompanied by my 7 in house modeling team, and 2 managers.

We like to make our shoppers feel welcome and at home, so don't be surprised if you walk in to out right party. We have 3 resident DJ's, including myself, that stream LIVE in the store and take requests as you shop!

Some of AlterEgo's perks are a in store redelivery terminal, gifting system, in store credit program and balance terminal, 1 daily MM Board, 4 Lucky Chairs, Daily New Releases, Weekend Sales, tons of freebies on the front desk, 30 min dollarbie events & so so much more!

We are also a in house video production team, specializing in virtual commercials for businesses on the grid. Find us on Youtube "AlterEgoSL".

AlterEgo is located on its own private sim, appropriately titled "Toxxic". Its a sim-wide store packed to the rim with an explosion of colors & goodies just for my ladies.

 We invite you to come down and experience the opposite side of  your personality at AlterEgo!"

1. AlterEgo $50L

Don't forget to wear your TOSL group tag for this FREE gift:

2. Blacklace $99L

3. Alexohol Fashions $50L each or $200L binge pack

4. The Lemondrop Shoppe **New to Taste of SL** $50L each

5. Magnifique Poses $75L

6. [Insatiable Fashions] $20L each or $25L for both

7. Clutter $100L

8. Crackberry $75L

9. (Cracked Mirror) 100L

10. Tranquility Way Station Designs $100L

11. { birdy. } 65L

12. Stickyfingers 60L

13. {Just A Pose} 75L

14. Dreamscapes Art Gallery 125L

15. .:* LOULOU&CO *:. 75L

16. Embody Shapes & Poses 119L

17. [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Fatpack for $75L

18. Zoe's Garden $75L

19. [Lauria] $75L

20. love me brutal $30L

21. {::.Tainted~Designs.::} **New to Taste of SL**  $50L each in a variety of colors

22. .:CoLLisions:. $50L

23. Baby Monkey Shoes $25L each, Binge Pack for $125L

24. [ILAYA] $70L


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