Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week 98 - Memorial Day Weekend!

Hey Everyone! It's Memorial Day weekend in the US, not only the annual holiday where we honor those who have served in our armed forces but it's also the "unofficial" kick off of summertime, pools are opened, the beaches flood for a good warm weekend of sun and fun, schools are letting out for the year and families gather all over to BBQ and relax!  We've got a cute list for you this week and we've been busy setting up the upcoming hunt! We'll be releasing the official list probably in about a week or so but you can always check the blog to see who's confirmed! Have a safe holiday weekend!

1. Alexohol-$50L each.. many colors available in binge pack for $250L; Pinup's are available for $75L each!!!

2. Blacklace-$99L each

4. 1 Hundred.-$50L

6. je suis...-$125L each All 5 colours available for TOSL

7. Cleo Design-$80L

9. .:CoLLisions:.-$50L each

Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 97-May Flowers!

You've all heard "April Showers Bring May Flowers", so we're showing what our rainy April Days have brought this weekend!

1. Alexohol Fashions -8 Patterns Available for 75L each or 400L for all 8

2. AlterEgo -75L

3. Blacklace -99L Each

4. Dreamscapes Art Gallery -99L

5. 1 Hundred. -50L

6. Juxtapose -90L

7. Bounce This Poses -50L

8. je suis... Necklace and Earrings (Sold Separately) Necklace: 175L Earrings 125L on both soft and bright colours (total of 4 items on sale)

9. elephante poses -Flightless Bird, American Mouth Pose Pack w/props - $60L - individual poses - $20L a pose
Drink The Water Pose Pack w/props - $100L - individual poses - $20L a pose (props not included with single poses only available if you purchase the pack)

10. Rezlpsa Loc -75L Each

11. Crush - 50L

12. ILAYA -55L Each

Saturday, May 12, 2012

TOSL IS BACK!-Week 96-Freestyle!

Hey Everyone!

We're back and better than ever! We've got a great list for you this week with 6, that's right 6!!! new stores in TOSL! Have a great weekend and don't forget, we've got the birthday hunt coming in  June!  Check the blog for who's confirmed and in the hunt!

1. Alexohol Fashions- Mesh Skirts-2 styles, 2 patterns each-75L each or 175L for all four 

2. The Lemondrop Shoppe - Mesh Open Scarfs-50L Each 150L for all 5

3. AlterEgo - 99L

4. Blacklace- 99L each

5. Lil'Lace - 99L *New to TOSL!*

6. HopScotch -100L

9. 1 Hundred-50L  *NEW TOSL STORE*

10. Sassy!-85L *NEW TOSL STORE*

11. Izzie's -75L

12. Juxtapose -90L Each

13. Bounce This Poses-50L  *NEW TOSL STORE*

14. Sakide-60L each

15. CoLLisions -50L each

16. Insatiable Fashions -45L each or 60L for both

17. Cracked Mirror-Assorted Poses w/ 75L sign on them

18. je suis... -Asymetrique Bangles Fatpack for $249L (walk forward from the landing to find the sale item) *Welcome back to TOSL*

19. Atooly -100L each, all colors

20. elephante poses  *NEW TOSL STORE!*
Just A Girl Pose Pack - $75L - Single individual poses from set - $20L a pose
 Lifes Cornucopia Pose Prop - $125L