TOSL 2nd Birthday Hunt!: Bloggers Info

Taste of Second Life turns 2 in June and once again this year, we're celebrating with a hunt to say thank you to our loyal shoppers!  Just like last years EPIC event, we're going to start it June 15th and host it for 30 days ending on July 15th!

Bloggers! We're counting on you again to help spread the word! One week prior to the hunt we will be setting up a group acess only area for bloggers to pick up the hunt gifts!  Please fill out the following and submit it @ the TOSL Info center

Application: Please copy to a notecard and rename it TOSL Hunt-Blogger Application (Your Name)

Please fill out the following form in it's entirety and rename it: TOSL Hunt blogger Application (your name) and submit it in the Taste of Second Life 2nd Birthday Hunt drop box. Incomplete applications or those sent directly to staff members will be discarded.

1. Name-

2. Your blog-

Please contact AlexandraM Guisse or Kylie Krell with any questions you may have. Thank you!

** by submitting this note card you agree to abide by all hunt rules**


1. You must post at least once prior to the event and once during (more is better!) and send the provided note card to let us know you have posted.

2. You must be in our in world group for the duration of the hunt as well as to have access to our hunt blogger area.

3. If you do not stay in the group for the duration of the hunt or fail to post before or durning the hunts, you will be prohibited from joining future Taste of Second Life Events.

We are looking to include some of SL's top shops that bring quality, innovation and cutting edge to SL's style.  Feel free to pass this along to friends or your favorite store owners.  While we will be highly selective, we'd love for your suggestions on who to have participate!

Stay tuned for updates, in world or on the blog on the vendor list and other events we might be having around that time as well!

Thank you!