Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 83-Let it Snow!

Hey all... this weekend, we're taking one last blast at winter with Let it snow! We've got a great list for you this weekend, enjoy!!!

1. Alexohol -50L Each, 14 colors to choose from (Copy, Mod, No trans.  Touch for gifting, on all clothing layers)

2. The Lemondrop Shoppe- 50L Each, Available in all house colors (Eagles both Silver & Bronze), in both Brown and Black Boots

3. Magnifique Poses -50L each

4. Clutter -150L

5. Crackberry -$60L each or  $175L for a greedy pack including matching night tables

6. Blacklace -99L each


8. AlterEgo -75L

9. Zoe's Garden -50L

10.Hopscotch -Snowfamily fun: 100 L$, Little Winter Wonderland: 60 L$, Snowfight & Fun: 35 L$

11. Cleo Designs -70L

12. Crush Clothing Company -50L

13. Dreamscapes Art Gallery -250L

Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 82 - Geek Chic

Taste of Second Life - Week 82 - Geek Chic

1. Alexohol  $50L each **MESH item, please make sure you have a mesh capable viewer**

2. Lemondrop Shoppe  $50L each

3. Magnifique Poses  $50L

4. Clutter  $60L

5. Crackberry  $60L

6. Blacklace  $99L


8. AlterEgo  $75L

9. Zoe's Garden  $50L

10. [ILAYA]  $75L each

11. Embody Shapes & Poses  $119L

12. Izzie's  $110L

13. Tranquility Way Station  $125L

14. *~*HopScotch*~*  $149L

15. .:CoLLisions:.  $25L

16. LiLau  $50L

17. * Rezlpsa Loc *  $50L

Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 81 - Freestyle!!

Taste of Second Life Week 81 - FREESTYLE

Hey everyone, it's that week of the month that we let everyone cut loose and do whatever their hearts desire! That's right it's a freestyle week!!!!  Have fun!!!

1. Alexohol  $75L each, $500L 13 color binge pack

2. The Lemondrop Shoppe  $50L each

3. Picture Me Pretty Poses  $75L

4. Magnifique Poses  $99L

5. Clutter  $100L

6. Crackberry  $60L

7. Blacklace  $99L

8. Cleo Design  $85L


10. .:Acid & Mala Creations:.  $50L

11. Dreamscapes Art Gallery  $150L

12. SAKIDE  $80L

13. INDI  $125L

14. AlterEgo  $100L

15. Crush Clothing Company  $50L

16. Dirty Lil Secrets  $99L MESH ITEM, please be sure you're using a mesh capable viewer.

17. Sweeter Than Candy  $99L

18. Razorblade Jacket  $50L each

19. Juxtapose  $45L

20. [ILAYA]  $15L each, $75L entire set

21. Baby Monkey Shoes  $50L each, $150L fatpack

22. (Cracked Mirror)  $100L MESH ITEM, please be sure you're using a mesh capable viewer.

23. Zoe's Garden  $50L