TOSL 2nd Birthday Hunt HINTS!

1. Up, Up, and Away!
2. Where the Gifts are.  (Please note, #11 is also on the same sim/build)
3.Please click the Hint Giver Easel under the hunt sign
4.Beach fun topping
5.The best things are right in front of you!
6.Find the right teleporter
7.Have you seen Abby?
8.I had to tie the bunnies arms bc he kept trying to open this package before the party!!! Find the tied up bunny.
9.A little Snitch told me where to find this elusive bag.
10.Tired already?  Find a place to rest for a bit.
11. Near the big,blue,and sleepy. (Please note, #2 is also on the same sim/build)
12.Not Far From The Cash Register!
13.My neighbours are NEW
14.Find the dark side of the step in the right direction
15.It's so loud in here!
16.Every week I have a sale, you might have heard of it just look around.
17.Bambi Loves shopping
18.The Dog Did It!
19.All them bags gonna get in your way...
20.Not downstairs, go upstairs, behinde a picture
21.Brewing a Hunt Potion, are we?
23.Oh!some earrings are so cute
24. (Not Participating in the Hunt, Please Skip to #26)
25. (Not Out Yet, Please Skip to #26)
26.Wedge it in there
27. Behind is always a good place to look!
28.(Not Out Yet, Please Skip to #29)
29.The couple shares a love of TOSL.
30. (Not Out Yet, Please Skip to #32)
31. (Not Out Yet, Please Skip to #32)
32.My birds love to shop!
33.What is the colour of love?
34. (Not Out Yet, Please Skip to #35)
35.Taste of Wales
36.Going on a Trip?
37.Dont just window shop... come in and see what we got!*!
38.Im sleepy hope my buddy dont Snore too much.


Zhye said...

Why does #16 drop me in Petites garden?

Ominora said...
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Nissa Rayna said...

Because the store has moved and there is a small prim outside the garden with LM to new location

Alex said...

A New LM to 16 has been sent out in the Taste of SL Shopping Group, and #15 has been contacted to change the lm. It will be updated shortly!

Lorali E.S. said...

so is the first hole in this hunt at the first store?

Alex said...

The first store's item is there

Moosey said...

The lm in #1, teleports you to #11

Chic Aeon said...

LM to number 13 takes you to the far side of the building against a wall. A more correct one would be:

Single Girl said...

Thanks for the fantastic hunt, I really enjoyed it and there are some amazing prizes to pick up on the way.

May said...
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Ximi Zuta said...

Can anybody give #17's location? I can't find #16

Charolotte Caxton said...

So I am trying to finish the hunt and 16 is land for sale, you know what would help, a list of store landmarks, that way I could go to 17.

This isn't the only one either, the previous ones I got hints from the lm's comments and found them in search, but it appears this store no longer exists.

Charolotte Caxton said...

Allright, finally someone in group helped :)

Here is 17

Beryl Landar said...

I couldn't find shop number 16 due to the LM not working at Juxtapose. The link inside the folder says it is fixed, but it is not. Thank you Charolotte Caxton for the link to #17. If anyone can post the slurl to #16, here on this thread, that would be much appreciated. Ty! :)

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