Monday, August 16, 2010

Attention Bloggers!

Taste of SL is now accepting applications to become an Official Taste of SL Blogger!   Please see the information below:

Bloggers Info

•Of course, we would love any and all coverage for a Taste of Second Life! If you feature an item, items, or the event itself in your blog, please LET US KNOW! We would love to link with your blog! send a notecard to AlexandraM Guisse or Kylie Krell with your name, blog info and your request.

•Please ask individual store owners reguarding their review copy policy. We will be working with official bloggers in the coming weeks to be able to provide select bloggers review copies. Again, please inquire about official TOSL bloggers!

•If you would like to become an official Taste of SL Blogger, please see below!

The qualities we are looking for from applicant blogs are:
*High quality pictures which display the fashion well. Good lighting and photo editing techniques are required.
*Credit for all items used in the photograph, including poses. The name of the item showcased, designer's store and/or name, and slURL for item should be listed.
*Bloggers are not required to have been blogging for a certain number of months, but consistent, focused posts are desired.
*Bloggers should have any relevant Fashion Feeds, Events, and Stores listed on a side bar.
*We would prefer if you have blogged Taste of SL or our member stores previously, but this is not required.
*Other items for review will also be used.

Becoming an Official Taste of SL Blogger:
Officiall Taste of SL Bloggers are required to:
•Have a pre-existing, frequently maintained Second Life Blog
•Have quality photography included
•Highlight Taste of SL Designers
•Post a 'Taste of SL' blog post at least twice a month
•Post 'Taste of SL' blog posts before or during a 'Taste of SL' weekend event
•Relay accurate 'Taste of SL' information on their Blog
•Link correct SLurls to all 'Taste of SL' stores highlighted in their posts
•Will be allowed to post their posts on the official Taste of SL blog

Think you have what it takes? Here's the application!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an 'official' blogger for Taste of SL. As an official blogger you will be listed as an 'official' blogger for our designers to send review copies to. We ask that you post a Taste of SL blog post at least every other week, and display upcoming week's items, not previous ones. If you are interested, please copy this information to a notecard, fill out the following completely, and return it to AlexandraM Guisse


Blog Link:

How old is your blog? (If you have blogged on previous blogs, please provide links)

How often do you create new blog posts?

Is your blog syndicated with any feeds? If so, which ones?

Will you be able to post your blog posts onto the 'Taste of SL' blog?

Do you have flickr?

Will you be able to post a "Taste of SL" blog post at least every other weekend? (Vacations, etc are understandable, just let us know prior to them!)

Once Completed, please rename this application "Taste of SL Blogger APP (Your Name), and return to AlexandraM Guisse