Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 65 - Fall-ing for You!

Taste of Second Life Week 65 - Fall-ing for You

I keep on fallin...... innn loveeee with.... shopping! Here's this weekend's sale participants for your viewing pleasure!

1. Magnifique Poses - $75L

2. Alexohol Fashions

3. The Lemondrop Shoppe

4. Blacklace - $99L

5. Crackberry - $55L

6. (Cracked Mirror) - $100L

7. {Just A Pose} - $40L


9. Cleo Designs - $50L

10. Baby Monkey Shoes - $50L each, available in 11 colors, and 50% off discounted fatpack

11. Clutter - $100L

12. INDIE ROSE - single packs $50L, seasonal pack $150L

13. Sweeter Than Candy - $50L

14. {::.Tainted~Designs.::} - $75L each, available in multiple colors

15. .:* LOULOU&CO *:.  - $75L

16. Sticky Fingers - $90L

17. Dreamscapes Art Gallery - $99L

18. Tranquility Way Station Designs - $125L

19. { birdy. } - $75L

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Taste of SL Week 63 - School Daze

A Taste of SL Week 63 - School Daze

Fall is in the air and it's back to school time! Here's a sampling of this falls back to school fashions, key accessories and those must have items for your dorm room! Happy Shopping and Have a great weekend!

1. Alexohol  $50L each Available in 9 colors and  4 Hogwarts House Colors.

2. The Lemondrop Shoppe $60L each- comes in right and left hand versions as well as ground option

 3. Magnifique Poses  $75L

4. Crackberry  $50L

5. Clutter  $100L

6. Cleo Design  $75L

7. Baby Monkey Shoes  $50L each, available in 8 colors and a 50% off fat pack.

8. Embody Shapes & Poses  $69L

9. {::.Tainted~Designs.::} 
$50L each, available in 5 colors and a fat pack for $200

$50L each, several styles available

10. Stickyfingers  $120L

11. Marmalade Jam  $40L

12. Tranquility Way Station Designs  $125L

13. { birdy. }  $25L comes transfer so you can give your bff at school one too!

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Taste of SL Week 62 - Witches and Wizards

A Taste of SL Week 62 - Witches and Wizards

Feeling magical? This weeks featured designer is Cracked Mirror of Cracked Mirror! be sure to wear your tag to get your group gift!  Starting Sunday at the Lemondrop Shoppe will be a gatcha party! Details coming then!

Here's a little about Cracked Mirror!!! Happy shopping and enjoy the weekend!

(Cracked Mirror) opened May 14th, 2011.  We specialize in men's and women's fashion, accessories & poses.  Cracked is the clothing expert and Vanity is the pose maker -slash- go to girl for any assistance.  We are honored to be a part of TOSL and hope that you all enjoy what we have to bring to the grid! <3

1. (Cracked Mirror)   ***This Weeks Featured Designer***
Group Gift **Wear your TOSL group tag to recieve this**

2. Blacklace $99L

3. Alexohol $50L each, available in binge packs of 6 for $150L

4. The Lemondrop Shoppe $100L each, includes 3 sleeve versions

 5.  Minuet $25L

7. Clutter $150L

8. Crackberry $100L

11. Marmalade Jam $50L

12. .:CoLLisions:. $25L

13. {::.Tainted~Designs.::} Includes all accessories and is available in multiple colors

14. * RezIpsa Loc * $120L

15. Stickyfingers $120L