Taste of SL Application

Taste of SL

Thank you for your interest in Taste of SL!  Please read and review the guidelines before you fill out and return the attached application.  We tend to be fairly relaxed with rules, but it's important to lay down expectations prior to acceptance into the group.

About Taste of SL:

    Taste of SL is a weekly sales group that strives to provide affordable items to consumers and foster friendships and cooperation between designers of all experience levels.  The sale event will have a different theme each week, with themes announced to the group on Monday of each week.  Future themes are available on the blog & via an attached note card to the group.  TOSL is different from other sales groups in that you as a designer choose which weeks and how often you participate.  You may participate as often as you like, but we ask that you participate at least once per month in order ot remain in the group.  (Should rl come up, please let us know, we are very flexible as long as we maintain communication!)

    That being said, it is YOUR choice of which week(s) you will participate.  In order to participate you must fill out a note card and drop it into the designers submission box at the Taste of SL Information Center.  This note must be submitted by 7pm on the Friday of the week you wish to participate.    We will offer one 'free' themed week per month, with other themes chosen by suggestions to organizers.  Please plan ahead with submissions as we will review participation once per month.  You will receive one non-participation warning.  If you do not participate within two weeks of this warning, you will be removed from the group.  We ask that you do try to fit themes and your items demonstrate the quality of your work.  They do not have to be NEW to your store, It may be a recently released item (within a few months) and one that has not been sold in another sale or event for at least 2 months.  Items should be priced at least 50% off of the normal price and should not exceed $250L (as the sale price).  You may provide multiple items, but ask that you limit pictures for the list to 4.  􀀇

    Once you have submitted your note card, you must place your item out for sale by 10pm slt on Friday.  If you item is not out by this time, you will receive one IM.  If you do not contact us by 11pm, you will be left off of the list.  Please plan ahead accordingly!  We usually do not have a problem with this, but are implementing this as a way to provide some uniformity.  Once we have completed a walk through, the list will be released, usually around 11pm slt on Friday.

    We ask that you include the weekend's note in an announcement to your group/subscribers on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Please provide this in a timely manner so shoppers have a chance to get all of the great deals!
Other TOSL member benefits:

    Upon acceptance, you will receive an invite to the Taste of SL vendors group.  We ask that you remain in this group for the duration of your participation in TOSL.

    Taste of SL has evolved into much more than a sales group.  With the success of our first hunt and gatcha event, we have decided to continue to organize special events.   As a member of the TOSL vendors group, you will be automatically invited to participate in these events, should you wish to.  We will also provide preference in placement, etc. to our long-term designers.   Events will include but not be limited to hunts, gatcha events & fairs.  We are always open to suggestions!

    We also have a creator commons area in which TOSL designers are welcome to come build, socialize, and work together.

The weekly list also includes a featured designer each week. More info available upon request regarding this.

TOSL also provides an active list of bloggers committed to blogging TOSL on a consistent, timely basis.  Lastly, we have started sending a note card compilation of new release note cards from our TOSL designers.  You will be able to drop note cards into a submission box, and they will be compiled and distributed two times a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.  

The Taste of SL Blog is another resource that designers have access to.  We will be listing a small section on each participating store including surls, blog links and marketplace links, as well as a designers resource page and event listing.

While there is a lot of info in this note card, we appreciate you reading it thoroughly.  TOSL is a dynamic sale group.  We are always open to suggestions, questions, and comments for improvement.    Once you have read these rules, please fill out the following application and submit it to the drop box at the Taste of SL Information Center on the Alexohol sim

Please Copy the following into a notecard:

Taste Of SL Designer Application (July 2011)

After you have read and understand all of the rules of the Taste of SL Shopping group, please fill out this application.  Once completed, please rename this application TOSL (Store Name-Designer Name) and drop it in the TOSL Designer Applications Drop box at the Taste of SL Information Center.  Please make sure you drop it in the Designers Application box *only*!

Incomplete, inaccurate or wrongly placed applications will not be accepted.

Today's Date:

1. Store Name:

2. Contact Info:
    a. Owner's Name:
    b. Main Contact:
    c. Alternate Contacts:
    d. Out of world contacts (e-mail, etc if applicable:)

3. Location info:
    a. lm:
    b. url:
    c. marketplace link (if applicable):
4. Advertising info:
    a. Blog Address:
    b. how big is your group/subscriber group?
    c. What forms of advertising do you use? (ie groups, blogs, etc)

5. How long have you been open?

6. How did you hear about TOSL & why did you apply?

7. Will you be interested in participating in TOSL sponsored events? (Hunts, gatcha events, fairs, etc)?

8. Attach a full perm logo:

9. Do you have any questions, comments, suggestions, Weekly Theme Suggestions or event suggestions?

10.  Have you read, understand & agree to all of the TOSL rules?

Thank you again for your interest in Taste of Second Life

AlexandraM Guisse
Kylie Krell