Friday, June 24, 2011

Week 52-Once Upon a Time!

**If you're looking for hints for the Taste of SL Hunt, please visit our hunt hints & bypasses page here!

This week we're also starting a new program, the Featured Designer!
Each week a selected Taste of SL designer will be featured in our weekly list.  You will get a chance to learn more about your favorite stores as well as receive a free item exclusively for members of the in world Taste of SL Shopping group!

This week's Featured Designer is Scarlet Chandrayaan  of Iced Jewelry and Magnifique Poses.  Scarlet is one of our charter TOSL members and has owned Iced and Magnifique for nearly 2 years! Be sure to stop by her shop and pick up the gift she's got for you (be sure to have your Taste of SL Shopping IN WORLD group tag on, it's for group members only!)
Here's what you'll get by touching the sign:

This weekends theme is "Once upon a time!" So it's a weekend for all things us your princesses and princes or slimy frogs...elves and fairies,  myths and legends...

1. Magnifique Poses -75L  *Taste of SL Featured Designer*

And Wear your Taste of SL Shopping Group tag, and touch the sign to receive your Taste of SL Group exclusive gift from Scarlet, our first featured designer:

2. Blacklace -99L

3. +DV8+ -100L each

4. Alexohol Fashions -75L each/all three for 160L   **The TOSL Hunt & Gatcha Fest Starts Here!**

6. Heart & Sole -100L each *Welcome Back to Taste of SL*

7. ISON -99L

8. Collisions -75L

9. Vogue Bodyshop -50L

10. Sweeter Than Candy -85L

11. Baby Monkey Shoes -30L

12. Embody Shapes & Poses -119L

13. Clutter -60L

14. L&K Prefabs -74L

15. [Lauria] -55L Each

16. Priceless Poses -80L

17. [Virtual/Insanity] -50L

18. Dreamscapes Art Gallery -150L

19. Crackberry -50L

20. Cleo Designs -50L

21. Ilaya -Skirt 70L, Flats 60L

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Taste of SL Week 51-Taste of SL's BIRTHDAY PARTY!

A Taste of SL Week 51- Birthday Bash

Hey everyone! As you undoubtedly know by now TOSL is celebrating it's first anniversary with the Kickoff of our Grid Hunt and Gatcha sale last Wednesday. This weekend we're having  a party and you're all invited to celebrate with us!

Without you all, there is no group.. so from the very bottom of our hearts. I say on the behalf of ALL our TOSL Vendors how much we appreciate you. We're working on some exciting new things, like free swag from our weekly Featured Designer to make TOSL even better in year two and none of it would be possible without you all.. So, thank you so very much for your support and checking out what our awesome stores put out each week for you!

On a side note, if you're looking for hints for the hunt, please visit the hunt hints page, here.

1. Alexohol Fashions -75 Each or all four for 200L    \
(Also the Start of the Taste of SL Hunt!)

2. Blacklace -99L

3. INDI Designs -170L

4.  Acide!  -75L  **NOT OUT YET**   **New to Taste of SL**

5. PiCHi -75L

6. MOOD -$55L each, Indulgence pack for $175L

7. Insatiable Fashions -25L

8. Magnifique Poses  -Friends Pose-50L  Model Poses-75L

9. Cracked Mirror -100L

10. ~*Indie Rose*~ -90L

11. Crackberry -60L

12. Sassy Kitty Designs -100L

13. Izzie's  -60L

14. Love Me Brutal -30L

15. Tranquility Way Stations Designs -100L

16. [Ilaya] -55L

17. Atooly -75L

18.  Zoe's Garden -50L

19. AlterEgo -50L

20.  Embody Shapes & Poses -89L

21. Baby Monkey Shoes -35L Each

22. [Lauria] -75L

23. ::Priceless Poses:: -50L

24. [Virtual/Insanity] -50L

25. Dreamscapes Art Gallery - 150L

26.  L&K Prefabs -74L

27. KaiaGaia -99L

28. (3*S) Shania's Sock Shop -99L

29. SHINE -100L