Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 73- Freestylin!

Week 73- Freestylin!

Yep, it's that time again... you know you look forward to Freestyle weekend... That weekend where we give our participating designers the opportunity to showcase their talents without restrictions... True to form, they've delivered. *big grin*

Also this weekend, we're featuring Carlotta Ceawlin of Dreamscapes Art Gallery! Be sure to wear your tag when you stop by for the group gift and here's a little more about Carlotta!

Hello there :)

A little info about me, my SL Artwork and Home Interior creations:

I´m a photographer in SL for almost 5 years ( and since many years as my hobby in RL, as well as painting ). It`s my passion and inspiration and I love to capture the beauty and visions SL has to offer. With moving my Dreamscapes Art Gallery to a bigger parcel 2009 I started to design and create my own furniture/decoration with an unique and detailed style - and loved that as much as creating artwork. Feel free to stop by at the Gallery and have a look anytime :)
Without further ado, Happy shopping!
1. Dreamscapes Art Gallery  $99L

**Wear your TOSL group tag to recieve**

2. Alexohol  $50L

3. Picture Me Pretty $50L

4. The Lemondrop Shoppe  $50L each (includes two versions, with and without snitch)

5. Magnifique Poses  $50L

6. [Insatiable Poses]  $20L

7. Atooly  Skirts and poses: $75L each  Flats: $50L

8. Blacklace  $99L

9. Tranquility Way Station  $100L


11. (Cracked Mirror)  $100L  *This is a mesh item, you will need a mesh enabled viewer.*

12. Crackberry  $60L

13. Clutter  $100L each

14. Baby Monkey Shoes  $50L each, available in 12 colors, 50% off fatpack

15. [Lauria]  $75L

16. Sticky fingers  $120L

17. AlterEgo  $50L

18. Crush Clothing Company  $75L

19. INDI Designs  $150L

20. Sweeter Than Candy  $50L

21. Izzie's  $150L

22. .:CoLLisions:.  $50L

23. Marmalade Jam  $100L

24. BOUNCE  $75L

25. {W&R} - {Witches & Rats}  $50L

26. Candy Crunchers  $40L

27. {::Tainted-Designs}::  $75L Available in 7 colors

28. Embody Shapes & Poses  $119L

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 72 - A Salute To Heroes

 Week 72- A Salute To Heroes!

Hey Everyone, as it's Veterans Day here in the US, Remembrance Day and Armistice Day Day depending on where you are in the world, we're taking this opportunity to Salute Heroes from all over and from all walks of life!

This weekends Taste of Second Life Featured Designer is Atooly! Be sure to stop by and look around her charming place while picking up your group gift! (remember, wear  your tag!)

1. Atooly! **This Weekend's Featured Designer**
**Group Gift, Wear your TOSL Tag**

2. Alexohol Fashions  $50L each

3. Picture Me Pretty Poses (next to Alexohol's items) $50L

4. Magnifique Poses  $50L

7. AlterEgo  $99L includes all 5 shirts, skirt & stockings

8. Zoe's Garden  $50L

9. .:CoLLisions:.  $50L each

10. Baby Monkey Shoes  $50L

11. {W&R}  $50L

14. Clutter  $150L

15. {::.Tainted~Designs.::}  $75L each

16. * Rezlpsa Loc *  $50L