Saturday, June 11, 2011

Taste of SL-Week 50 At the Zoo!

going to the zoo this week with lots of animal print, animals, and all around fun and great deals!

A HUGE thanks and welcome aboard to Krisyka Bellic the new Taste of SL Blog/ger manager!

Here's your list!

1. Magnifique Poses -99L

2. Izzie's -120L

3. Blacklace -99L

4. Alexohol Fashions -75L Each

5. [Lauria] -75L

6. Bounce -75L

7. Zoe's Garden -50L

8. Acid & Mala Creations -75L

9. Clutter -100L

10. DV8 -99L Each

11. Divine -100L

12. Saturnine Dreams -150L

13. Factorie -60L

14. [Virtual/Insanity] -60L

15. (3*S) Shania's Sock Shop -65L

16. Cleo Designs -75L

17. Tranquility Way Station Designs -100L

18. Baby Monkey Shoes -100L

19. AlterEgo -50L

20. PiCHi -75L

21. Vogue Body Shop -50L for the eyes, 70L for the skin

22. Crackberry -50L

23. ~Simply~ -99L

24. .:CoLLisions:. -35L


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