Friday, August 12, 2011

Taste of SL Week 59-Back In Black!

Hey Hey Hey!  Here we go with another amazing weekend featuring BLACK! It's basic, sexy, sultry and it's our theme this weekend!

This weekend's Featured Designer is Candace Morgwain of Sweeter Than Candy.. Here's a little about her!

"Sweeter Than Candy started in April of 2008. I create cute beaded items in real life and sell on ebay and was looking to supplement that with more cute stuffs! I found SL and have been having a cute overload ever since. I'll try to make something noncute but it never works out so I gave up fighting The Cute.  Be sure to wear your Taste of SL Shopping Group tag to recieve this free gift!"

Here's this week's list:
1. Sweeter Than Candy -50L **Featured Designer**

Don't forget to wear your group tag for this FREE gift:

2. Blacklace -99L

3. Alexohol -50L Each (Available in 11 Colors, Binge pack of all 11 for 450L)

4. INDI Designs -125L

5. SAKIDE -100L

6. {birdy} -5L

7. Acid & Mala -50L

8. Zoe's Garden -50L

9. Cleo Design -75L

10. [Acide!] -150L

11. Crackberry -75L

12. Clutter -100L

13. Baby Monkey Shoes -50L

14. Magnifique Poses -75L

15. Stickyfingers -100L

16. AlterEgo -50L

17. Bounce -45L Each

18. Dreamscapes Art Gallery -249L

19. Outrage! Clothing Company -50L

20. [ILAYA] -75L



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