Friday, August 5, 2011

Taste of SL Week 58-Summer of Love!

Hey Shoppers! We've got another exciting week for you with this weekends theme, Summer of Love!

This weekends featured designer is Kinu Mayako, most of you know her best from Sassy Kitty Designs but this week she's rebranded to Sakide! Here's a little more about Kinu!

By early 2008, Kinu Mayako had been wandering around Second Life, and along with being a web designer decided that she just needed a new hobby. In April she made that hobby into a reality by creating Sassy Kitty Designs. More than 3 years later, Sassy Kitty has become a tour de force for sexy, casual and classy detailed clothes for women at affordable prices. Recently rebranded as SAKIDE, Kinu's designs continue to offer clothing and accessories that show off every sensual curve now matter what size your Avatar may be.

Happy Shopping, have a great weekend!

Be sure to wear your Taste of SL Shopping group tag and pick up this week's group gift at Sakide!

Here's your list:
1. Sakide (Formerly Sassy Kitty Designs) -60L *Taste of SL Featured Designer*

Wear your Taste of SL Shopping tag and pick up this free gift!

2. Lauria - 75L

3. Alexohol -50L (Only Orange/Blue)

4. [Insatiable Fashions] -20L

5. Magnifique Poses -50L

6. Crackberry -50L

7. [Virtual/Insanity] -50L

8. Collisions -50L

9. Clutter -100L

10. Embody -119L

11. Ilaya -55L Each

12. Zoe's Garden -50L

13. Cleo Designs -100L

14. Baby Monkey Shoes -45L

15. { birdy } -50L

16. Sweeter Than Candy -60L each/Fatpack for 150L

17. Dreamscapes Art Gallery -125 L

18. Kaia Gaia -60L

19. Stakey -50L

20. stickyfingers -60L each (Available in 6 colors, includes sunglasses )

21. Tranquility Way Station -125L


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