Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week 67-Freestyling!

A Taste of SL Week 67- Freestylin!!

It's that special week again! The week where our designers get to show off whatever they like in a theme free week!

This weeks featured designer is Jemima Clowes of Crackberry!  Be sure to wear your Taste of SL Group Tag to get her cute gift for the group!  Here's a little about Jemina's store!

Crackberry opened as TUFT in March 2009. We started out as a mix of everything from clothes to home furnishings. When we re-branded to Crackberry in Early 2011 our focus became Home and Garden items. But you just never know what  you will find when you walk through the doors of Crackberry!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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This week's participating stores:
1. Crackberry- 100L  **Taste of SL Featured Designers**

Wear your Taste of SL Shopping group tag to get this Free Gift!

2. Alexohol -50L Each, 13 colors available, or 400L for all 13

3. The Lemondrop Shoppe -50L Each, 4 houses available (2 options for Eagles), or all 5 for 150L

4. Magnifique Poses -75L

5. ::eXpression:: -250L **New to Taste of SL**

6. Zoe's Garden -50L


8. Cleo Design -75L

9. Baby Monkey Shoes -75L

10. [Lauria] -75L

11. Izzie's -40L

12. J.P.D. -124L **New to Taste of SL**

13. Sweeter than Candy -50L

14. AlterEgo -50L

15. Dreamscapes Art Gallery -125L

16. StickyFingers -70L

17. [Shush] -125L


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