Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 66-Camping Out!

There's no featured Designer This week, because we've got 41 AMAZING prizes for you in the Fall edition of the Taste of SL Hunt!

It starts at Alexohol And runs October 1-15!  Join The Shoppers Group (Taste of SL Shopping) to chat for hints, or look at our Hints page!

But There's still a GREAT list as we bring in October as well, and here it is:

1.Magnifique Poses -75L

2. Alexohol Fashions -Available in 12 colors, 50L Each, Fatpack of 12 for 400L

3. The Lemondrop Shoppe-Available in 5 Colors (4 house colors, 2 Eagles Versions), 50L Each

4. Crackberry-50L

5. [Virtual/Insanity] -62L

6. Clutter -100L

7. Tainted Designs  75L for Ridge, 50L for Grunge, Each available in multiple Colors

8. Sticky Fingers -60L

9. Dreamscapes Art Gallery 75L

10. Tranquility Way Station Designs 75L

11. Zoe's Garden 50L

12. [Lauria] 55L

13. Collisions -50L

14. AlterEgo -50L

15. Embody Shapes & Poses -79L


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