Friday, July 15, 2011

Week 55-Ruby Red

Hey everyone!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Taste of SL Hunt!  We appreciate all your support in our first year and beyond!  Look for another hunt in the semi-near future, more great events and of course your weekly discounts from some amazing designers!

Here is your list for week 55.. Ruby Red pay tribute to the fiery July gemstone and all things that are hot for this summer!  This weekends featured designers are Acid & Mala.. Here's a little more about them and be sure to wear our group tag to receive your free gift to go along with their offering this week!

.: Acid & Mala Creations :.  began around the end of  summer of 2007. This brand is owned by two designers:  Acido Ferraris and Mala Oh.

At first, their style was urban and neko, following the trends of the SL in that moment. Bloody bags, spiked belts, bump shoes and some crazy stuff was the first creations. Dozens of  small spots around SL malls made A&M starts to be visible. Owners of places like Bounce, Pulse, Project Twilight , Harajuku Box, Hysteria or Ducknipple believed in this project and helped A&M in the beggining.

Time and unbridled creativity makes Acido and Mala to search for a sim to emplace their main store, a flagship store to concentrate all the creations  and offers. Distric 8 (2009) and later Ducknipple( 2010) hosted their main store until the actual emplacement in their own sim, Malula.

Thanks to the knowledge of Acido Ferraris with the 3D software, the brand adapts to the technical innovations of SL. Thanks to the social skills of Mala Oh and her business sense, A&M adapts to the new commercial trends. Thanks to loyal and new customers, Acid & Mala Creations grew up and became what now it is.

4 years later they are still here, working for to stay afloat,  offering a huge list of clothes, accessories and skins and a bunch of crazy stuff (still doing) trying to make it better day by day, trying to do their best each time.

1. Acid & Mala -75L **Featured Designer**

Also, as the featured designer, Acid & Mala is offering this super cute freebie to members of the Taste of SL INWORLD group!  Just wear your group tag & touch the sign at their store to get this:
Join the Taste of SL Shopping group here, or hit up the sign at any participating store!

2. Baby Monkey Shoes -45L

3. Alexohol Fashions -50L

4. Stickyfingers -95L **New to Taste of SL**

5. Blacklace -99L

6. [Ilaya] -55L

7. Clutter -100L

8. AlterEgo -50L

9. Izzie's -50L

10. Magnifique Poses -50L

11. Marmalade Jam -75L

12. .:Collisions:. -The Jewelry Set is an already released item on discount for the weekend. The Earrings are a new addition to the set. If a customer buys both, I'll donate the combined amount to Relay for Life. :-)
Set ~ $75L, Earrings ~ $35L

13. Zoe's Garden -50L

14. [Lauria] -75L

15. [Virtual/Insanity] -50L

16. Dreamscapes Art Gallery -150L

17. Cleo Designs -75L

18. OutRage! Clothing Company -100L


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