Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week 53-Red White & Blue!

Hey Guys, sorry this is a little late!  I'm out of town and couldnt do it last night!

 In honor of Independence Day in the United States, we're offering up selections in Red, White & Blue!  Happy Shopping!

This weeks featured Designer is Alexohol owner- AlexandraM Guisse! Alex has been designing clothes for a little over 2 years now in SL.  Fun and flirty apparel for your every look in SL the line ranges from skirts and tops, jeans to bikini's,  beachwear and much much more! Be sure to wear your TOSL shoppers group tag while you're there to pick up the free gift she's put out for you all!

Alex is a senior nursing major at THE Ohio State University (she'll yell at me if i don't put THE in caps) She's an avid reader, excellent cook and momma to Zooms, her mutt. Her right hand is Kylie Krell, who helps her run Alexohol and Taste of SL!!!  Stop by Alexohol anytime and say hello!

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend! Happy 4th of July and Happy Shopping!!!!

1. Alexohol Fashions- Don't forget.. The TOSL Hunt starts here and check out Gatcha.. AND.. Featured Designer
Pinups-50L Each or all four for 150L
Bikinis-50L Each or a set of 3 for 125L
Skirts-FREE with your Taste of SL Shopping Group tag!

 Free to the Taste of SL Shopping group: 7 Skirts to match the bombpop bikinis!

2. Blacklace -99L

3. Magnifique Poses -75L

4. [Ilaya] -50L

5. PiCHi -75L

6. Alter Ego -50L for all 3

7. Baby Monkey Shoes -45L

8. ISON -65L for both

9. Clutter -100L

10. [Lauria] -75L

11. Tranquility Way Station -75L

12. Priceless Poses -50L for pinups 60L for couples


13. [Virtual/Insanity] -40L

14. Crackberry -75L

15. Dreamscapes Art Gallery -100L

16. Stakey -50L


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