Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 95 - Goin' Green!

Taste of Second Life - Week 95 - Goin' Green!

Hey Everyone! In case ya didn't know, Earth Day Birthday was celebrated this week so we're Goin' Green this week !

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the finds!

1. AlterEgo  $99L

2. {W&R} - Witches & Rats  $50L


4. Dreamscapes Art Gallery  $99L

5. Izzie's  $100L

6. =Razorblade Jacket=  $69L

7. Atooly  $75L

8. Marmalade Jam  $75L


Chic Aeon said...

Hello -- When I teleport to the SLURL listed on the TOSL2 Hunt application page here: I am at a "for rent" parcel. So assume you have moved and not updated the link? Since I can't figure out who to contact about this and there was no way to comment on the correct post I am writing here in hopes this is a moderated comments blog :D. If you could contact me in world with the correct LM that would be great. Thanks. Chic Aeon

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