Friday, March 23, 2012

Week 91 - March Madness

Taste of Second Life - Week 91- March Madness!

It's a short week BUT fear not! It's chock full of cutness... Also, not sure if you've heard yet but we're planning the 2nd Birthday hunt for TOSL to start June 15th! We've got an amazing lineup of stores coming and hopefully it'll be even better than last years EPIC hunt! More deatils coming but you can see who all will be in on our blog!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

1. Alexohol $50L each, wider release coming later this week!

 2. Dreamscapes Art Gallery  $99L

3. Cleo Design  $50L

4. ::~Juxtapose~::  $75L

5. Magnifique Poses  $75L each


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