Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Taste of Second Life- The Hunt *COMING SOON*

Taste of Second Life will be 1 year old in June so we're going to celebrate by having a month long grid hunt and gatcha boardwalk sale at the Aleoxhol Mall! We've got some of the very best designers SL has to offer in Taste of Second life and this is our way of saying THANK YOU to all of you for coming out each and every week!

Hunt starts: June 15th

Hunt ends: July 15th

Here is your starting point: Party Bus!!!

You are looking for:

To join Taste of Second Life Shoppers Group, copy and paste this into your local chat and click the link:


Please consult the Taste of Second Life blog for hunt hints. Or many of our vendors have a hint giver in their information areas prior to contacting any of the vendors!

As always, please be courteous to others on the hunt as well as the vendors who have provided gifts. If you have a problem on the hunt, please contact one of the organizers or consult the hunt blog for a hint, rather than asking the store owner. Please do not shout hunt locations in local chat or tp someone directly to an item...if you're hunting with someone, im them!

For the duration of the hunt we're also hosting at the Alexohol mall a gatcha sidewalk sale! Feel free to stroll around the boardwalk and browse amongst all the items our mall vendors and hunt group vendors have to offer at, typically, spectacular discounts! These unique items are usually offered for transfer so in addition to being a great deal, they make great gifts!

*Should you have any questions regarding the hunt or rules, please contact AlexandraM Guisse or Kylie Krell*

Thank you all again for a great year! We're looking forward to another great year of A Taste of Second Life!

Happy hunting and shopping!

Want to know who's in the hunt?

More to come as we add additional stores!


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